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Breckenridge Outfitters is honored to be 'The 2013 Orvis Endorsed Outfitter of the Year' and one of the most decorated Orvis endorsed Outfitters in the Country. We offer year-round guided fly fishing adventures and a full service fly shop in Breckenridge, Colorado. We pride ourselves on providing the best knowledge, guidance and equipment to explore the finest fly fishing in the Rocky Mountains. Our guides are professional, friendly, and knowledgeable and have all attended the Orvis Endorsement School, and are therefore up-to-date on the latest teaching techniques.

Adam Groskin

Adam Groskin Photo 1

Many people recognize Adam because of his boat. He has a beautiful wooden dory; but people rave about Adams knowledge of the Colorado River, rowing ability, and attention to detail when on the river just as much as his boat.

Alex Esclamado

Alex Esclamado Photo 1

One can usually find Alex in the shop making sure everyone is having a good time and keeping everything running smoothly behind the scenes. He does love to get out on the river and share his passion of fishing with guests whenever possible as well.

Brad Scott

Brad Scott Photo 1

Brad has a firm command of the fly-fishing art. As can be noted by the fact that he will be the only guide on the river taking notes on a legal pad of what hatches were happening at what time.

Clint Maas

Clint Maas Photo 1

The firefighter of the group loves switching up the pace from his regular job to something a little more relaxing. Clint is sure to pass that relaxed attitude on towards you and your family as well.

Darin Sinclair

Darin Sinclair Photo 1

Darin has been in the county for a long time and he lives to fish. Regardless of if the fish are being cooperative or not Darin always finds a way to put fish on your line.

Dennis Mclean

Dennis Mclean Photo 1

Denny's nick name is "The Legend". He is a local ski shop owner and has been in the mountains longer than most of us have been alive. He is sure to teach you that the most important aspect of fishing is your presentation.

Fred Santen

Fred Santen Photo 1

“Captain Ron” - Fred is one of our hardy guides who is available all winter long. He lives to fish, is a great teacher, and has been providing great experiences with Breckenridge Outfitters since the beginning of time.

George Souhlaris

George Souhlaris Photo 1

Also affectionately known and self proclaimed as “Boston” George. This tells you enough. He has passion for life and fishing that will keep you entertained and focused on hooking up all day long.

Jeff Cross

Jeff Cross Photo 1

When not found on the river guiding you can find Jeff up in the mountains hunting with his son. His love for the outdoors will make anyone want to be a sportsman after fishing with Jeff.

Jin Park

Jin Park Photo 1

Jin is fairly new to our crew, but has been fishing for a long time and has the skill set and personality to guarantee a memorable day.

John Perizzolo

John Perizzolo Photo 1

“JP” has guided all over the state and we are happy to have him at Breckenridge Outfitters. His knowledge of fishing surpasses most and when you are in his boat you can always be guaranteed a bent rod.

Keith Mchugh

Keith Mchugh Photo 1

Keith is known for his infectious personality, entertaining stories, and ability to get all ages-genders-and personalities onto fish. He is the only guide or trout fisherman who will ever be scene pretending to lip a fish.

Mark Palz

Mark Palz Photo 1

Mark just started guiding with us and brings experience from teaching intro to fly fishing classes at the Orvis headquarters in Vermont.

Matt Srebnik

Matt Srebnik Photo 1

Matt has has the perfect personality for a guide. He is able to teach 10 year olds and help dad make sure that his skills advance and everyone has a great day on the river.

Mike Workman

Mike Workman Photo 1

Mike Workman is best described by a lot of his friends and co-workers as "The Man". His overwhelming patience and confidence are key attributes to making you have a good day on the river.

Ned Parker

Ned Parker Photo 2

Ned is the owner of the shop and if you are lucky enough to get him out and on the water his knowledge of entomology although overwhelming will surely put fish on your line.

Desmond Parker

Desmond Parker Photo 2

His name is Desmond. If you are lucky enough to catch him in the shop he is already picking out the best flies and giving casting lessons on the benches in front of the shop. Imagine what he'll be able to do when he can walk and talk!

Nick Castellano

Nick Castellano Photo 1

Nick is a long time guide with Breckenridge Outfitters and his patience and love for fly-fishing will certainly keep you happy when on the water.

Pat Rudolph

Pat Rudolph Photo 1

Pat loves to ski, but may be better at fishing. When he moves from the ski shop to the fly shop in the summer all anglers and clients are infected with his desire to catch fish.

Peter Sheetz

Peter Sheetz Photo 1

Peter was on the U.S. youth fly fishing team and we like to call a day on the river with him the “Peter Sheetz Experience”. He will often be found beside you throwing his arms in the air rejoicing as much as you when you hook a fish.

Ron Gilligian

Ron Gilligian Photo 1

Ron is a dentist by trade but is equally as precise and intentional with his fishing. If people are comfortable with him drilling in their mouth you can imagine that he is just as good at making you feel comfortable with a fly rod in your hand.

Scott Penn

Scott Penn Photo 1

Scott recently took some time off from the guide life and returned to the east coast; but within a couple of years the draw of fishing in the mountains has brought him back to Breckenridge and to guiding. We are happy to have Scott with us and his guests are always impressed with their trips.

Tom Daisy

Tom Daisy Photo 1

Tom approaches life with the right attitude. After or before trips he can often be found lounging in the shop Lazy-Boys chatting with guests. On the river he makes sure everything is enjoyable and all anglers are catching fish.

TR Resignolo

TR Resignolo Photo 1

TR loves to fish and tie flies. Trust us, before you ask him a question about tying flies make sure you are ready for a thorough response! Everyone that fishes with TR returns with a smile on their face.

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