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Now’s your chance to learn fly fishing basics in one of our free fly fishing educational classes. The Orvis Fly Fishing 101 and 201 classes are free introductions to fly fishing! You will learn your basic fly casts, how to read the water, tie knots, how to rig your leaders correctly and learn about the different insects that hatch in our surrounding waters.

The Orvis Fly Fishing 101 and 201 dates are on the schedule as listed and you just need to contact us to get into the program. Any of our shop hosted classes are held two times a year and you should also contact us to reserve your spot.

The meeting location for every class is here at our shop! We can’t wait to see you here.



The Orvis 101 Class is intended for any age or experience level that is interested in learning the very basics of fly fishing.  In the 101 class you will learn what rod you need to fish with for the type of water you will be fishing on: how to rig your rod (knots, leaders, tippet, flies); how to cast; how to read the water and what insects hatch in our waters surrounding Summit County.  

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The Orvis 201 Class is designed for people who have caught the fly fishing bug and are hungry for more knowledge. In this class we will cover more detailed line control and casting techniques; as well as go in depth more with entomology, how to choose your flies, and fishing a variety of tactics for fish that are difficult to catch.

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This is your introductory class to fly tying. We will go over basic materials, what type of vise you need, and what type of flies you will be tying most for the high Alpine environment of Summit County. By the end of this class participants will have learned how to tie a half hitch, whip finish, dub, and properly wrap thread and wire. Each participant must bring or purchase their own materials for this class. There is a nominal fee for this class.

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This is your level 2 fly tying class. We will examine a multitude of mayfly attractor patterns and caddis patterns and then participants will be invited and instructed to change one material at a time on a fly in order to create a pattern that they think would work best for local waters. This class is designed to be more relaxed and less instructive, but more for the purpose of sharing ideas and collaborating with other fly tiers in the county. There is a nominal fee for this class.

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Women's Clinics hosted by Sarah Barclay

All of the necessary gear needed to participate in this class is provided for student anglers. This includes: a rod, reel, waders, boots, a vest or pack for the river loaded with leaders, tippet, river tools, a fly box and flies for a successful outing on the river. Students buy their own fishing license.

The class covers everything you will need to be self-sufficient on the stream including:

  • Fly casting techniques
  • Essential knots for fly fishing
  • How to choose gear and tackle
  • Stream entomology
  • Proper fly selection for the seasons
  • How to read water and currents
  • Wading safety
  • How to play, land, and safely release fish


Cost: $249 per angler


One weekday evening class from 6-9. One full day on the river [typically Saturday]. Limited to 4 anglers per class

  • Classroom is one weekday from 6-9pm
  • Saturday on the River (meet at shop about 7am, fish until 3-4pm)


2024 Women’s Fly Fishing Clinic Class Schedule:

  • June 13 classroom – June 15 river day
  • July 11 classroom – July 13 river day
  • July 18 classroom – July 20 river day
  • August 1 classroom – August 3 river day

Call the shop directly at 970-453-4135 to book.

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Fly Fishing Trip hosted by Sarah Barclay

We have partnered with Budge’s Wilderness Lodge, Colorado’s Orvis Endorsed Expedition, to host a trip to fish Remote Waters, accessed via horseback. 2- Days of guided fly fishing, 3-nights lodging and meals.

July 24-27 2024

Aug 14-17 2024

from $1900 per angler

For more information contact Sarah Barclay


or visit to learn more

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