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When is the best time to fish?

In our opinion, everyday is the best day to fish! We are so fortunate to have a great diversity of year round fishing and seasonal hatches. In the spring you can count on the run of Rainbows and Cutthroats , our cooler summers days have a variety of multiple hatches and feasting fish, the fall brings spawning Browns and a freshwater salmon run, and even our snowy winters produce protein rich midges and pristine rivers that stay open throughout the coldest months.

Where will we be fishing?

Our fishing locations vary by season, conditions, type of trip requested and our daily fishing reports which guide us to know where, when and what is happening in the waters. Our main rivers that we guide on are the Colorado River, South Platte, Blue River, Arkansas, Eagle and Williams Fork Rivers. If you have a favorite location preference just let us know and we make sure it is a good time to fish there.

Is there an age limit for guided trips?

We welcome all ages and abilities to fly fish. However, due to the active nature of fly fly-fishing we recommend that all clients be capable of accessing the waters that can include rugged terrain and isolation. Some our youngest anglers have really enjoyed a fly fishing experience with us. We highly recommend that children, especially under the age of 13, are accompanied by an adult. We start children at 10 years old. We will do our best to fit you with the waters that best match your needs.

What should I tip my guide?

Gratuity is greatly appreciated by our guides. Generally tipping starts at 25% of the guide service charge and increases with group size and client satisfaction.

What if the weather does not look good?

A wise tip about fishing is that often when the weather is bad, the fishing is good. Luckily we hold numerous permits in all directions and we do our very best to avoid inclement weather. We will always make sure the safety of our clients and staff comes first and foremost in any situation. We do not cancel trips for inclement weather.

How do I get a CO State Fishing License?

CO State Fishing Licenses can be issued at our shop for whatever day you would like to fish. You can purchase a fishing license for 1 day to a full year, whatever suits your fishing needs.