Our float trips are a great for any level of fly fisherman. They can be tailored to a family with kids who have zero fishing experience or to the experts who want to get a quick tour of the multitude of different public locations in the area to be better equipped to go fishing on their own. The float trips are set apart from the rest of the trips because your whole experience is based off of floating the river. This means you get to see a lot more water throughout the day as your guide is rowing you through it. These experiences are excellent for fisherman and non-fisherman a like because the beauty of the Colorado River would be a highlight for anyone’s visit to Colorado. All of our guides are Orvis endorsed, which means that they can take you from whatever level of fly fishing you are on – to the next level. Every trip furnishes the waders, boots, rods and reels needed to fish. You will be outfitted with those items upon arrival at the shop. The incidentals are Colorado fly fishing license, flies, and gratuity for the guide. None of these need to be worried about prior to arrival as we will equip you with all of them when you arrive.