The Platte can be characterized by classic small stream dry fly fishing in all areas. The headwaters of the Platte are divided in to three sections: North, Middle, and South Fork. As far as fishing locations near Breckenridge the Middle and South are the most accessible. There are so many public access points on the middle and south fork that you can almost always find some water to yourself if you are willing to walk even during the busiest times of the year.

The middle fork of the South Platte provides the most access in the Tomahawk State Wildlife Area. Once the river unfreezes, it can be some of the most prolific mayfly hatches in central Colorado on this river. The Middle Fork is miles and miles of endless meandering stream surrounded by gently rolling hills with high alpine skylines.

The south fork of the South Platte is most productive during run off and in high water years because its average flow is less than the surrounding rivers. It is in almost identical environment as the middle fork, but the accesses are more spread out and not as well marked.